This is what you have been waiting for Crisp and refreshing sparkling white wine with lively bubbles to satisfy that pregnancy craving right on point while staying ALCOHOL-FREE, enjoy it on its own, with any meal, or in a MOMOsa or cocktail.



It emits an aroma of pear, melon, peach, and white flowers. It is punctuated by bubbles, giving lightness and agreeable contrast, freshness, and a long finish


    Always serve Badassmom Classic white between 46-50°F, can be served in sparkling flutes or white wine glasses

    Mini Sparkling White Non-alcoholic 200ml

      • 🥂 TRULY SPARKLING WHITE TASTE - our nonalcoholic spirits hit your palate like pure wine. It's so refreshing and bubbly, you'll feel like you're sipping the real thing!
      • 🥂 0% ALCOHOL, 0% GUILT - Our non-alcoholic wine contains 0% alcohol thanks to the winery's dealcoholizing process. Go ahead and enjoy all the delights of sparkling white wine  without the guilt!
      • 🥂 GOOD THINGS COME IN PAIRS - The light and balanced flavor of our sparkling wine makes a great pairing with most appetizers, grills, salads, and desserts. Treat yourself to a full course!
      • 🥂 CALORIES? NO WORRIES - Removing the alcohol also meant reducing the calories our non-alcoholic drinks contain. With only 28 calories per glass, you won't need to worry about gaining weight!
      • 🥂 A THOUGHTFUL GIFT - Our non-alcoholic wine is perfect for expectant and breastfeeding moms who miss a fabulous glass of sparkling rosé. Gift a bottle to your family, friends, or to yourself!